Thursday, 3 July 2014

An open window

This is an image of one of my beautiful horses. If you look closely you can see the sky and trees! It was taken by a friend of mine and it inspired me to write. Horses have been a passion of mine since I was a child and I wish everyone respected them as much as I do. Enjoy!

An Open Window
When you look into my eyes tell me, what do you see?
Do you see what is only on the surface, or can you see deeper?
Can you see the sky and the clouds?
Can you see the trees?
I was born under that sky, like so many of us before me.
We once ran wild and free, until one day we became a part of you.
Do you see our history, do you see our paths?
We are courageous and brave, so we came when you asked.
We eased your burdens, and became your friends and yes sometimes your slaves.
We helped fight in your wars, costing many lives.
My heart breaks at what we lost on both our sides.
We were there when you rebuilt, and when you chose to leave.
We travelled with you across great seas to lands we had never seen.
We started over and helped you shape that too.
We pulled your buggies and carts, sped to doctors when your children were sick,
worked your fields even when you were too tired and needed to sit.
Many years passed and what we did seemed to fade,
our ultimate price seemed to have been paid.
We got to rest and some of us were forgotten,
we didn't understand but we knew you would return.
When you did, it was mostly for fun,
we were glad our fighting days were done.
I wish I could tell you how I feel, and show you what I have seen.
I wish you knew what flows through our souls.
Horses and humans have been together for a long time,
We began this journey together and that will be how it ends.
I am happy I am yours but understand you are mine as well.
We all chose to be with you, if your hearts are true.
So tell me is that what you see when you look into my eyes?
I know that it is, otherwise I wouldn't be here,
and you would just be looking out an open window.
 Cindy Lyle