Monday, 20 April 2015

Yes I am still writing!

So I know I have been promising that I would get this darn second book finished but its been tough. I'm not going to whine or make excuses, it's just not finished yet. But I will give you a little something just to let you know that yes I am still writing!

This is part of the first chapter and Yes Ashia is still alive. I know some of you were worried that I killed her off but she is alive and well, full of secrets in fine dragon style. This is her attempt to reconnect with Ililsaya's aka Karah"s brother...yes I said brother.

“Come out mother, I know you are there.”
My voice bounced and grated of the rocks and I watched in silence as a dragon emerged from behind an edifice of rocks. She was small compared to most dragons but what she lacked in size she made up for in power, at least that is before she became mortal. Her golden, bronze and red scales where muted in the deep of night but I knew that when the light graced her body she was as beautiful as the dawn.
   She kept her head high as she approached me, with her twin platinum horns twisting together, pointing to the sky. They matched my horns but that was where the resemblance stopped. Ashia came to stand beside me and together we stared back out across the sea. When she chose to speak, it was mentally.
“Hello Ashny, it has been a long time”
 I kept my contempt in check as I tried to decide what she wanted. I faced my birth mother and stared into her eyes.
“Yes I suppose it has. Please don’t pretend that you care with your feeble mortal emotions. Say what you came to say and leave me be.”
Ashias golden eyes flared with magic but in the end, all she did was drop her head in shame. The display of mortal emotion was sickening and I was already losing interest in this reunion. Ashias voice once again invaded my mind.
“I know what I have done, you can never forgive me for, but that is not why I chose to find you. I can help you.”
 I snorted blowing steam into the chilly night air. My voice carried through the night and I didn’t care who heard me.
“Help me? How?  Last I checked it was you that needed help! You chose a mortal soul over your own flesh and blood. You abandoned me to the wrath of my father and let him take away what was most precious to all dragons…my magic! Now after all these centuries you want to help me? Why should I trust you or even care what you have to say?”
I managed to leap out of the way as my mother came at me teeth and claws flashing in the moonlight. I pulled my lips back in a snarl and prepared for the attack but it never came. Ashia regained her composure and I was disappointed to see her bury her natural dragon emotions. For a moment, I almost believed she was my mother again.
“What I did, I did to protect Ililsaya. You know this, and you also know that it was not my choice to loose everything that I was, including my memories of you. You may never understand but I’m not here to reopen old wounds. I have discovered something that you may be interested in.”
I faced my mother with hatred in my amber eyes.
“And what is that my dear mother?”
“I have found your magic essence…and I believe I know how to get it back.”

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

I'm going home

     For those of you who don't know me I was born and raised in a small town called Uxbridge. I grew up on a hobby farm with my parents and grandparents and of course my horses. It was awesome. Then I grew up met my wonderful husband and started a new life. I moved away from Uxbridge when I was 21 which was 17 years ago. At first it wasn't so bad. Ajax was a town really not much bigger than Uxbridge but it soon exploded with growth and now is a very heavily populated area. We used to have green space near us but now all you can see are houses and lately it has been weighing on me.
     Not too long ago my grandfather approached us and asked if we wanted to buy the farm where I grew up. He is 82 and he just wants to travel and he can't take care of the place the way it should be. Immediately I wanted to shout yes...OMG yes! but there was so much to consider. I was going to have to leave a home that had been mine for most of my adult life. I know it sounds like a no brainer but I suffer from anxiety and a change like that is very hard to swallow, almost impossible actually. I stayed awake at night thinking of the worse possible scenarios because hey that's just what I do. What if we couldn't afford it? What if Hannah hates her new school? What if I can't find a job? What if my husband ends up hating it there? And the list went on.
     Finally I sat down and just started looking through some old pictures and I saw what I needed to see. Horses. Unless you grew up with these wonderful creatures you really won't understand. Being around them gives me a sense a peace that I never knew I needed until I moved away from them. And that is what finally put doubts at bay. Yes I'm going to miss this house like crazy but home is where your heart is and mine is on that farm. So this summer we are heading to Uxbridge and I'm moving back to my family home where I grew up. I'm scared but also very happy. Its going to be a lot of work but in the end I can say that this is mine and my soul can breath in what its been craving for a long time.
     Well I guess it's back to work! We have a lot to do around here to get this house ready to sell and Easter is this weekend too. It will be our last big family get together here and I know I'm going to cry. But Thanksgiving is next and nothing compares to a beautiful fall day on the farm with friends and family!